Product Review: Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator

Price: $24.99 CAD


First product review! I plan on doing these frequently, so keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be reviewing everything from supplements to gear and all that falls in between.

I was always reluctant to try Vega products; the plant-based idea made me think that taste would be compromised. With some persuasion from my boyfriend, I finally caved and tried a few of their products, (with the Hydrator being one of them). Here’s what I thought of it:

  • The flavour that I got is berry, AND IT ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE BERRY! Astounding, since a lot of supplements don’t taste like the flavour listed.
  • It has zero calories/serving which is a huge bonus. I used to drink the instant powder form of Gatorade after runs which is loaded with calories, (and loaded with excess sodium).
  • The price is kind of steep considering how little of a container it is, (148g), however the scoops are super concentrated so one scoop is more than sufficient.

The only con I can think of is the price, however this is justified by the concentration of the scoops, ensuring that each container stretches a long way. I used to get headaches ALL THE TIME after runs. Even after running only two miles my head would start to feel wonky. The Gatorade did help, but I was looking for a healthier alternative, especially if I was going to be using it a couple times a week.

My boyfriend Daniel also uses it in a shaker cup if he’s planning on doing a longer workout, or if he’s doing a workout/yoga combination. It’s also great for that purpose as well!

Running Fast, Lifting Heavy Approved: Yes


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator

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