Pursuit OCR

It’s November 1st now!! Does this mean that we can take down the Halloween decorations and put up Christmas ones? Speaking of Halloween, Daniel and I decided to spend the day at Pursuit OCR in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. If you’re ever in the city, I would highly recommend checking it out. Think obstacle course meets cross fit gym. I’ll give you a debrief of our evening there, including specific details, price, and all the juicy stuff.

Daniel and I have a thing where we do one activity a month. We don’t necessarily have guidelines as to what’s considered, “an activity”, but we try to make it something fun and something that we wouldn’t normally do. A friend of ours always finds these cool places around the city to have fun, and this was a recent find of his.

$20 a ticket gets you access to the whole facility, (except if there is a class in a certain area), and in/out privileges for the day. Upon arrival, I produced my proof-of-purchase on my phone and the guy behind the counter gave us a quick tour of the grounds. Aside from one other person, we were the only people there until the last 10 minutes of our stay in which a boot camp-style class started in the free weight area. Daniel and I decided to start at a 10 foot half-pipe, which was trickier than I thought it would be!

After trying the half-pipe and climbing up the floor-to-ceiling rope, Daniel and I decided to race through the obstacle course. The employee that gave us a tour also gave us a walk through in terms of the ordering of the obstacles. At first glance, the direction in which you should go can seem confusing since obstacles are so close together, so this is really beneficial. Here are some pictures of some of the obstacles:

pursuit-ocr pursuit-ocr-2


Both Daniel and I have done mud runs before, and I can honestly say that this is harder. Having the obstacles so close together eliminates the running aspect and creates a full body-cross fit workout instead.

To finish off the evening, we played around on the bars for bit. After working up a sweat, (and a couple calluses), I was thankful for the chalk that was nearby. Most gyms that I’ve been to aren’t fans of chalk, so this was really refreshing. Upon being tuckered out, we grabbed some Vitamin Water from their drink area and sat down for a bit before stretching.

Would I go back again? 100%. It was worth the money, I had a lot of fun, AND I had a good workout!


Running Fast, Lifting Heavy Approved: Yes


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy