Back from my Blogging Break

Hey Guys!

So it’s been a while…a long while actually. I think one of the challenges of blogging and being a student is being able to juggle both. But I’m back, and since the semester’s wrapping up, I’ll be able to get more posts to you guys! So what’s been happening in the last few weeks?

Daniel and I did the Downsview Airport 8k! I had a time of 54:39 and Daniel finished one second faster than me, (we crossed the finish line together). The course was challenging; while it was completely flat since 90% of it took place on a tarmac, the wind was SUPER intense. We layered appropriately since it was -50C, but your face still takes a beating. The race was well organized and included a tech shirt or toque, (upon registration, you picked which one you wanted), finisher’s medal, coupons and yummy treats. They also had a Tim Horton’s kiosk set up complete with coffee and hot chocolate! I think my only complaint was getting to the venue. Since part of the course was on a neighbourhood road, the normal route to the parking lot was blocked off. Combine this with a series of one-way roads and you have yourself a sticky situation.

I’m signing up for my first half-marathon! It’s crazy to think that just a couple years ago, I’d run a couple blocks away from our condo and back and be tapped out. After running consistently and doing some races, I feel pretty ready to take the next step! I’m still debating between the Goodlife Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon courses, but I have to decide in less than a week to snag a decent rate. So stayed tuned!

After much reflection with regards to my body, I’ve decided that I need to take charge. I always try different diets and never really stick to anything. Once I have a “bad day”, it’s a catalyst for another bad day and then a bad month. I’ve tried Weight Watchers a couple years ago, (just before I turned 19), and did have some success, but I feel that that specific diet isn’t right for me right now. After doing some research, I stumbled across Kinobody. It was a completely different approach than I’ve ever tried before. I bought the program, (which was a lot cheaper than most diet programs), and so far I’m on day two and loving it! Within the week, I’ll be sure to post a review for you guys and let you know what it’s about.

Also, be sure to check me out on social media! I post mostly lifestyle stuff so you can see what goes on when I’m not training, but I’m going to start posting fitness-related things so keep your eyes peeled!

Instagram: taylormarshall94

Snapchat: tgmarshall


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

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