Training Recap (Jan 1st -7th)


 I went for a short run since my condo gym was closed and I was short on time. It was a pretty decent run, aside from the fact that I ripped open a blister mid-run (ouch).



 Upper Body Strength Training

 Pec Fly – 80lbs @ 37 reps (3 sets)

Tricep Extension – 35lbs @ 36 reps (3 sets)

Lat Pulldown – 80lbs @ 35 reps (3 sets)

Biceps Curls – 25lbs @ 30 reps (3 sets)

*this also includes a 5 minute warm up/cool down*

*1 minute rest between sets*


I ended up doing a 7.5k run on the treadmill since the weather wasn’t the greatest. Those 7.5 kilometers honestly felt like the LONGEST EVER for some reason.


 My dad’s a Planet Fitness member and has guest pass privileges so he brought me along! It was pretty cool to workout with him and use some equipment that I don’t have at the condo gym.

Lower Body Strength Training

Squats (Smith’s Machine) – 90lbs (not including the bar) @ 30 reps (3 sets)

Calf Press – 100lbs @ 45 reps (3 sets)

Leg Curls – 40lbs @ 45 reps (3 sets)

Hip Adduction – 135lbs @ 45 reps (3 sets)

I also did some core work, which I really don’t do often (part of my New Year’s Resolution)!

Vertical Leg Crunch – 10 reps for 3 sets

Crunches – 10 reps for sets

*1 minute rest between sets*

*5 minute warm up/cool down*


My wonderful massage therapist Leslie gave me an amazing massage, so I decided that I was going to make this day a rest day.


 10k! Despite getting lost, (I just created a new route and forgot it mid-run), and developing a blister, I felt pretty good. It was freezing that day, but it felt good to know that I got out there.


I love when I get a trophy on Strava.


 Upper Body Strength Training

Pec Fly – 80lbs @ 35 reps (3 sets)

Tricep Extension – 35lbs @ 45 reps (3 sets)

Lat Pulldown – 80lbs @ 35 reps (3 sets)

Bicep Curls – Someone was using the 25s which I needed, so I just did 15lbs @ 45 reps for 3 sets.

*1 minute rest between sets*

*5 minute warm up/cool down*

Next week I start training for the Achilles 5k (yay!) so I want to make sure my nutrition and training is on point. I’ll also be sure to blog the training, so be on the look out for updates!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

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