I’m Finally Joining a Gym!

On Thursday I went downstairs to my tiny condo gym, only to discover that one of the machines was broken and therefore out of service. This doesn’t sound like the hugest deal, but considering there are only two upper body machines, it really limits what I can do. I asked the guy at the front desk when it would be fixed and he told me he didn’t know…so now I’m kind of stuck.

Daniel’s talked about joining a new gym, (currently he goes to GoodLife since he gets a corporate discount through his work), and I decided that I should jump on board. Sure, it is an added expense, but I would be able to use a variety of different equipment that I don’t get currently.

About 10 minutes from our house is the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, which is loaded with amenities and recently dropped its rates! It’s closer to our house than the GoodLife that Daniel currently goes to AND they have 1an indoor track. Goodbye interval runs on the treadmill! We’re looking to join soon as we’ve already toured the facility. I’m honestly so excited; all the different strength training machines will have me feeling like a kid in a candy store!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

17 thoughts on “I’m Finally Joining a Gym!

  1. We have some small items at home which are great for time saving and convenience but we both use our gym membership regularly. I chose a gym that a lot of runners in my area use so we have group meet ups for runs and cross training when the weather is yucky.

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  2. Woohoo gym time! I have access to a school gym, but I only use it when it’s super cold out or raining hail. I always felt weird lifting weights at a gym because I don’t often know what the proper form is. Luckily, my boyfriend has a mini home gym so I just lift there. Have a great time at the gym!

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