Recovery Days (More Like Week)

As some of you may know from my Instagram, I got a tube put in my right ear and an adenoid biopsy done on Wednesday morning as a result of an ear infection that I had in October. I’ve had a long history with ear/nose/throat infections and this is actually the second time I’ve had tubes put in.

What’s frustrating me about this situation is that it’s training season! I can barely bend without immense pressure, I have pain on and off all day, and I have absolutely zero energy. Am I on the mend? Yes, but I feel like I’ve missed SO many days of training, when in actuality I’ve only missed four.

It’s rough when a recovery day turns into a recovery week. As the days go by, your motivation dwindles big time. Especially with my first half in the near future, I feel pretty discouraged, (even though it’s in May).

My question to you guys is this: how did you guys come back from being sick for a while/having surgery/an injury? Did you just jump back into your training plan or did you take it easy at first?


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

18 thoughts on “Recovery Days (More Like Week)

  1. Working on that now…I’m taking it easy and slowly working my way back into it, so I don’t risk further injury. I just had to give in to it so I could strengthen my leg/knee. I would have loved to jump right back in, but gotta listen to my body.

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  2. Go slow! I think the conventional wisdom says that you don’t lose fitness for about 10 days. Don’t jump to where you think you are but where you left off or even a few steps back. That is not the sort of thing you want to mess with. Trust me on this. Learned it the hard way 😦

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  3. Now cycling is different than running. I can miss a week and come back faster than I was before I left but I ride EVERY day. I’ve gone 60 days on a day or two of rest. For running, four days off was never enough to throw me off for long. I’d do an easy first run and then get right back into it. Cycling is easier in that regard though.

    Most of my issues are in my head though. I know that for certain. Once I break through the mental blocks it’s Katie bar the door.

    Good luck!

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  4. I’m just getting back into it again as well. What works for me it to tell me that no run is too short. Even just getting out the door in running clothes is a success. I think building back the routine is the most important bit.

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  5. Ah, I’ve had my share of ENT appointments. I’ve also had 3 surgeries in the last five years, one of them involved not being allowed to run for a month.
    After any time off, always take it easy and get back into it slowly. After 4 days to a week, make the first 2-3 runs easy and just move back into it, see how you’re feeling.
    It’s hard to listen to the body, but it’s always better to take an extra day off than start back too soon.
    My own cold is still weighing me down (though better than yesterday). Since I’m still only at 60%, I’d rather take one more day off than risk feeling worse again tomorrow.

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