Product Review: Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0

I’ve been posting pictures of this product on Instagram a lot recently…I can’t get enough of it! I stumbled across Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0, (a creatine-free pre-workout powder), while at GNC. GNC usually has some sort of BOGO deal on, and since my boyfriend and I were about to purchase something, I figured we should take advantage of the offer. I approached one of the employees for her recommendation for a creatine-free pre-workout and she showed me this one. There were a couple different flavours, but the watermelon flavour was at the front so I just picked that one.

I find pre-workouts to be tricky, because they generally come in smaller containers and are pricey. This one’s well worth it though. Here’s what I thought of it:

-The watermelon flavour is AMAZING!! It’s honestly so delicious. It reminds me of the watermelon flavour Jolly Rancher, (literally).

-Creatine-free, (a plus if you don’t want to hold onto the extra 3-5lbs of water weight)

-The container says it takes 30-60mins to kick in, but it actually only takes 20-30mins to start feeling it

-The “itchiness factor” of most pre-workouts isn’t nearly as strong in this one

-Only 10 calories/serving

I’ve tried other pre-workouts in the past, but this one is 100% the yummiest. Not only does it taste good, it’s effective and fast acting. I think I’m going to be a regular user of this product from now on…it’s just too good NOT to use!

Running Fast, Lifting Heavy Approved: 100% YES. This stuff is amazing.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

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