Race Season is Starting…

Seeing as my first race of 2017 is less than a month, (March 24th), I figured I should layout all the races I have planned for the year. I’ve talked about the Mississauga Half that I have planned in May and my team race in two weeks, but that’s it.


What: Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5k

Where: Toronto, ON

Swag/Race Features: Scenic route through Toronto’s High Park, technical race shirt, free Irish chili and a pint of Steam Whistle Beer, (I don’t like chili or beer, so the shirt is pretty much the bulk of the swag for me)

*I’m aiming for a pr in this race, (a sub 32:00 minute time), and I’m REALLY hoping I can crack it. I’m feeling at the moment that it’s a little out of my reach, but we’ll see.


April’s pretty up in the air since I’ll have exams and the date that I leave for Europe may fall during this month. I’m thinking I may just leave this month empty in preparation for my half.


What: Mississauga Half-Marathon

Where: Mississauga, ON

Swag/Race Features: Net downhill, (yay!), technical race shirt and finisher’s medal

*Since this is my first half, just finishing it would be amazing. That being said, 2:20 or lower would be AMAZING.


What: Rugged Maniac

Where: Kitchener, ON

Swag/Race Features: Cotton T-Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, and a free beer, (again, not a beer fan, haha).

*This is a mud run that I’m doing with my mom and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have both done mud runs together in the past, but this is my mom’s first time running EVER. She’s a beast, so I know she can hack it.

What: Goodlife Fitness City Chase

Where: Toronto, ON

Swag/Race Features: I wrote a post on this race seeing as I did it two years ago. Check it out!


I think I’m going to take July off. Two races in the same month is more than I’ve ever done and I don’t want to over-commit.


I think I’m taking this month off too. I might be taking a couple of credits during the summer to graduate early, in which case my final exams would be this month.


What: Oakville Half

Where: Oakville, ON

Swag/Race Features: Technical Race Shirt and Finisher’s Medal

*Halves are my focus for 2017; I really want to master them.


I’m taking this month off since I’m not sure how I’ll feel after the half.


What: Angus Glen 10k

Where: Markham, ON

Swag/Race Features: It doesn’t seem like they’ve posted this yet since it’s so far in advance, but from what I’ve seen from their past races, their swag bag has been on point.


This month is a toss-up. My boyfriend and I are supposed to be in Florida for the holidays, so I may do a race down there…who knows!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy


4 thoughts on “Race Season is Starting…

  1. Sounds like some good races in there and loadsa swag! If you don’t mind me saying from my little experience unless a race is gonna be filled up quick then don’t sign up until closer to it. You never know what’s round the corner, hopefully not injury but other stuff comes up too.


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