Checking In – 5k Race/End of Six Week Cycle

A lot has happened since my last post, and not all of it has been good. Since this post encompasses a few different points, I’ll start with the 5k that I had planned.

Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5k

This is the first race that I signed up for and didn’t run…ever. It sucked. Why didn’t I run? Two reasons: one, I’m just getting over a stomach bug in which the onset started Saturday night and two, I went to see Cirque Éloize – Cirkopolis with my parents/boyfriend which resulted in a late night. The two of those together made for a bad combination, causing me to feel pretty crappy by the time I woke up on Sunday. I feel pretty bad…almost like I just gave up. That being said, I probably would’ve been in a lot worst shape after the race if I’d showed up and ran it, so it was probably best that I stayed home.

End of Six Week Cycle

I said in a previous post that I would show you guys how far I’ve come in my strength training, (I do the same exercises for six weeks and then change it up), so here it is!

Exercise Starting Weight/Reps Ending Weight/Reps
Dumbell External Rotation (shoulders) 10lbs @ 25 reps total 30lbs @ 25 reps total
Shoulder Press (shoulders) 40lbs @ 25 reps total 65lbs @ 22 reps total
Rear Deltoid (shoulders) 60lbs @ 25 reps total 120lbs @ 25 reps total
One Arm Bicep Curls (bicep) 25lbs @ 25 reps total 40lbs @ 23 reps total
Back Extension (back) 135lbs @ 25 reps total 205lbs @ 25 reps total
Standing Barbell Curl (bicep) 40lbs @ 25 reps total 60lbs @ 20 reps total
Roman Chair (back) 25lbs @ 25 reps total 65lbs @ 25 reps total
Hammer Curls (bicep) 20lbs @ 25 reps total 35lbs @ 25 reps total
Lat Pulldown (back) 35lbs @ 25 reps total 85lbs @ 25 reps total
Calf Press (legs) 160lbs @ 25 reps total 215lbs @ 25 reps total
Barbell Squats (legs) 90lbs @ 25 reps total 120lbs @ 25 reps total
Hip Adductor (legs) 135lbs @ 25 reps total 205lbs @ 25 reps total
Hip Abductor (legs) 145lbs @ 25 reps total 190lbs @ 25 reps total
Assisted Dips (triceps) 100lbs @ 25 reps total 70lbs @ 25 reps total
Bench Press (chest) 20lbs @ 25 reps total 50lbs @ 17 reps total
Tricep Press (triceps) 60lbs @ 25 reps total 120lbs @ 25 reps total
Pec Fly (chest) 80lbs @ 25 reps total 90lbs @ 25 reps total
Dumbbell Tricep Extension (Triceps) 35lbs @ 25 reps total 45lbs @ 25 reps total
Chest Press (chest) 65lbs @ 25 reps total 95lbs @ 23 reps total

I’m pretty happy with this! I think my chest could’ve used a little more work, but it is what it is. I’m starting to feel like my normal self again, so I’m hoping in a day or two I’ll be able to hit up the gym.

Have you guys ever had to drop out of a race? If so, what was the context?


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

16 thoughts on “Checking In – 5k Race/End of Six Week Cycle

  1. Yep! Missed this year’s whole winter series I had registered for and now will miss a Half-Marathon I’ve registered for in May due to injury 🤕 gonna be a slow road coming back.

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  2. Yes. Groin pull right before a marathon I was training to BQ in. I couldn’t even walk normally for 3 weeks. 8 weeks of no running. Sounds like you made the right decision. Nice progress!

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  3. I fortunately have not had to miss a race due to an illness, but I did purposely miss a 5k because I was worried about missing a flight I had in the afternoon. The registration fee wasn’t too bad so I didn’t feel too bad about missing it. Hope you’re feeling better now!

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  4. Huge progress with the weights. Nice job! Run long enough and you’re bound to miss a race you’ve signed up for, haha. I know it’s a major bummer, but at least it’s due to sickness and not something serious like an injury. I hope you bounce back quickly.

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