I Really Attract Bad Customer Service…

Ugh…where do I begin? So over a month ago, (February 12th to be exact), I ordered a pair of wrist wraps from a company called Liftcorp Apparel. Based in Australia, I knew the wraps would take a while to get to me, (Toronto), but I was totally cool with the wait and the price. The AUD is pretty much at par with the CAD, so I didn’t lose out and only paid around $15.

The day that I ordered the wraps, I got an email saying that it was en route to my house.

Liftcorp ApparelQuick I thought, but at least I had some confirmation that the order had gone through successfully. Although I was given an order number, I wasn’t given any tracking information so I couldn’t track the progress of my parcel. This worried me, but I’ve had packages with no tracking information arrive safe and sound, so a red flag wasn’t raised just yet.

Fast-forward to now and I still haven’t received my wrist wraps. Since WEEKS have passed, it would’ve been more efficient to have walked into a store buy the wraps. I decided to reach out to Liftcorp and explain the situation:Liftcorp 1

However, this is the reply I got:

Liftcorp Apparel 1

The most frustrating thing about this is that they keep using every excuse in the book: my mailbox might not be big enough, (I live in a condo), the wraps could be waiting at the post office, blah blah blah. They’ve also denied that I haven’t received the wrist wraps and won’t give me a refund:

To make matters worse, there’s a huge time difference between Australia and Toronto, so getting a reply is crazy difficult and takes forever. And there’s no phone number on their website to contact them! Grrrr. *end rant*


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

11 thoughts on “I Really Attract Bad Customer Service…

  1. The beautiful thing these days is that with social media you can name and shame these companies, which hurts them more. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, use these platforms to express your views. I bet you get your money or a replacement really quickly.

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    • I know right? Talk about lack of professionalism. They also won’t give me any tracking information, so I can’t even see where it may be. I don’t think I could dispute it with Mastercard, I think they would just refer me back to Liftcorp. I’m really struggling to find a solution here.


  2. What I find interesting about the reply you received is how unprofessional it was written. What company uses “U” instead “you”. That is odd and very unprofessional manner for any company to respond to a customer.

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  3. Ew. I’m so sorry you keep getting bad customer service. Reading that email response from them upset me and I wasn’t even the one ordering from them. Using “u” instead of “you.” Sigh. That’s so unprofessional. Hope you get better service in the future!

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