Redefining Goals

I have 22 days until my first half-marathon. 22. That’s not a lot. I’ve put in work though and have changed up my nutrition, so I’m hoping that that won’t be in vain. Wish me luck!

I’ve been looking at my Strava account and all the runs I’ve been doing, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to re-evaluate my goal time for the race. Initially, I was aiming for a sub 2:20 time, which would mean an average pace of 10:41/mi. While I could hold that pace for six MAYBE eight miles, I don’t think I could do it for 13.1. I thought about changing my goal to be a sub 2:25 time, which would add up to an average pace of 11:04. Much more manageable I think.

I’m still torn though. I’ve had some pretty fast runs recently that make me think I’m capable of a sub 2:20 time. That being said, I’m still struggling with nutrition during runs and that definitely slows things down. 10:41/mi or 11:04/mi?!?! I’m so lost. *rant over*


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

11 thoughts on “Redefining Goals

  1. For your first (hopefully more will follow!) half marathon, it might be good to start out conservatively and ease into it. If you’re still feeling good, pick up the pace in the last few miles. I find races are much more enjoyable that way versus pushing too hard early and struggling through the end.

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  2. Have a great race! I think I came into my first half marathon with a REALLY conservative time goal. I ended up crushing it with all the surrounding energy. Maybe the same will happen to you. Just remember to enjoy the race. I’ve had a lot more fun recently since I decided to actually look around and see everything that’s happening around me. haha 🙂

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  3. I find that it helps to have several goals: Plan A is the best case scenario (that sub 2:20 for example). Plan B allows for some wiggle room for things that may not go perfectly (perhaps a sub 2:30). Plan C is where you just finish and smile at the accomplishment. There’s always another race or even next year to run better.

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  4. You’ve got this! I just committed yesterday to running in my 1st Half and I’m a pretty solid mixture of excited and terrified… seriously though, what have I gotten myself into?! Looking forward to the journey though. I look forward to seeing how your race goes!

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