What Do You Guys Want to See?

I’ve had this blog for seven months. Seven! It honestly feels like longer than that. I feel like I’ve learned so much, read some awesome posts from you guys, and have felt an immense amount of support when I really needed it the most. Thanks for making this blog something that I look forward to writing and not something that I dread!

Seeing as I’ve had this blog for seven months, I feel like it’s time to reach out to you guys. I love writing about training, product reviews, etc, but if I want you guys to read my blog, I have to write about something you want to read. I have a few ideas, but I’d love some feedback. If there’s something on your mind that you’d like to see that I don’t have listed, put it in the comments! I’d love to see what you guys come up with. Here are my ideas:

-A regular posting schedule: I try to do this already, but I’m not super diligent with it

-More photos in each blog post?

-A YouTube Channel: I’ve thought about this for quite some time. Although it’s not the blog per se, it’d be kind of cool to get content to you guys on the days where I don’t post to fill in the gaps, (for example, I’m thinking Monday/Wednesday/Friday for the blog and Tuesday/Thursday for the vlogs). This would be pretty cool, so I’m hoping that some of you guys would be interested in this

-Q & A: I’m thinking of doing a Q&A type thing in which I answer some questions that you may have for me in a blog post

Thanks for your help guys! I love this little community.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

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