End of 6 (?) Week Workout Cycle

So I kind of dropped the ball on this. I have a calendar that I write all my workouts in and when my workout cycles start/stop. I totally didn’t pay attention to the fact that my current cycle ended three and a half weeks ago…woops. On the upside, I get to cycle in pre-workout again! Anyways, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to the past while strength training wise. Keep in mind my knee is still healing, so my stats aren’t nearly as high as I would like them to be.

 Leg & Shoulder Day

Name of Exercise Start Finish Increase
V-Squat (legs) 140lbs 160lbs 20lbs
Standing Calf Press (legs) 75lbs 140lbs 65lbs
Hip Adduction 190lbs 210lbs 20lbs
Hip Abduction 210lbs 220lbs 10lbs
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 30lbs 45lbs 15lbs
Standing Shoulder Press 55lbs 80lbs 25lbs
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 20lbs 45lbs 25lbs

Leg Day was tricky due to my knee. Half way through the cycle, I had to change up my workout in order to accommodate my injury. Also, with some of the shoulder exercises, they felt kind of awkward on my rotator cuff so I couldn’t cover as much ground. I also learned that doing dumbbell shoulder press and standing shoulder press in the same day REALLY tires out your shoulders…probably won’t do that again.

Back & Bicep Day

Name of Exercise Start Finish Increase
Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown 75lbs 140lbs 65lbs
Concentrated Bicep Curls 20lbs 30lbs 10lbs
Barbell Deadlift 90lbs 100lbs 10lbs
Barbell Preacher Curls 35lbs 50lbs 15lbs
Low Row 70lbs 140lbs 70lbs

My deadlift had next to no improvement because of my knee.

Chest & Tricep Day

Name of Exercise Start Finish Increase
Incline Bench Press 40lbs 55lbs 15lbs
Assisted Dips 70lbs 30lbs -40lbs
Cable Flyes 17.5lbs 29lbs 11.5lbs
Tricep Kickbacks 15lbs 30lbs 15lbs
Dumbbell Bench Press 25lbs 35lbs 10lbs
Tricep Press 100lbs 120lbs 20lbs  


End of 6 (?) Week Cycle

Totally underestimated how hard incline bench is.

I’m really proud of how far my dips have come! I think I could definitely do one unassisted; I just question how many I could do. I had the same issues with the tricep kickbacks as I did with some of the other shoulder exercises. It feels really funky on my rotator cuff for some reason. As a side note, the weight on the cable flyes is per arm and not cumulative.

This next cycle, you guys will see me do a bit of a switch up. Rather than do a 5 x 5 style, I’m doing a 3 sets of 10-15 reps and different exercises. I only plan on hitting each muscle group twice rather than three times, because some of my gym sessions take way too long and with summer schools starting soon, I need to conserve time.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

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