Weekly Recap (Jan 9th- 15th)

This week saw the start of a new semester, as well as the start of training season! The first race on the docket is the Achilles 5k in March. I’ll be using the Nike 5k and Nike Half Marathon training plans as I’ve had success using Nike for my previous races. My plan is to train for that until the end of the month, and then switch over to training for the Mississauga Marathon (half marathon distance). The 5k serves as a easy training period in which the distances are shorter, but will still work out the kinks from all my time not training for something. –Side note: my weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday.


Interval Workout on the treadmill – 1.5mi, moving time: 17mins, avg pace: 10:48/mi


 Rest Day – I have class literally all day, so I didn’t have time to do much of anything


 My friend talked me into swapping my 3mi run for a leg day…how could I turn that down?

-5min warm-up

-Squats (3 sets x 10 reps) @ 90lbs (not including the bar) – 30 sec rest in between sets

-Standing Calf Raises – (3 sets x 15 reps) @ 150lbs – 30 sec rest in between sets

-Seated Leg Press – (3 sets x 10 reps) @ 140lbs – 30 sec rest in between sets


Totally forgot how much you get pushed sometimes when you workout with other people haha.


 2mi Run – moving time: 20:56, avg pace: 10:28/mi – this run felt a little tricky to me for the simple fact that I kept having to tell myself to slow down! It was only supposed to be a recovery run, and I felt like I was getting carried away at points


Friday & Saturday

Accidental rest days…studying got the best of me


I have less on my plate this week at school, so I’m hoping that that will help in terms of being able to get out there.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy



Product Review: Saucony Vitarun Glove

Price: $30.00 USD



Last year when I made the commitment to winter running, (which, if you live in Toronto is a huge challenge sometimes); I knew I needed some gear to stay warm. In past years, I would stop running outside when snow hit the ground and start running again when the snow left. In the late fall/early spring months, my hands felt like they were literally about to freeze right off. I would combat this issue by pulling down my sleeve to create a fake-mitten, but that can only go so far.

My mom saved the day when she approached me last winter and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Running gloves was the first thing that popped into my head, but I had zero idea what I wanted in a glove. Thank God my mom picked up these bad boys because they’ve literally changed my life! Here’s what I love about them:

-lightweight fabric that wicks away sweat but still keeps your hands warm

-touch screen compatible thumb and index finger pads on both hands

-reflective logo that’s great for night-time running

-water resistant (great for if it’s raining or snowing during a run)

and my personal favourite…

-a patch of fleece on both index fingers that’s perfect for wiping sweat and runny noses!

After having these gloves for a year, I can honestly say that I love them. I love how they’re super light, but still help keep my hands warm! The only thing I think could be improved is the touch screen compatible finger pads: sometimes you have to press a little harder than usual for your device to register the touch, but other than that, it’s amazing.

Running Fast, Lifting Heavy Approved: Yes! 100%.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

Winter Running Reflection (and a Question for You All)

Today I decided to embark on a 4.6mi run outside. I live in the north-eastern part of Toronto; where the weather today was -110C (120F) with the wind chill and the sidewalks were either slushy or not shovelled at all. For the first mile I was doing ok; I usually run somewhere between 10:45/mi – 11:00/mi and I was right in that range. I then turned from one major street to the next, only to be hit with block after block of ankle-high snow that wasn’t compact. At this point, my pace slowed DRAMATICALLY to around 14:00/mi.

Last winter was my first winter where I made an effort to run outside and my pace did slow once there was snow on the ground. Mind you, I was a slower runner last year than I was this year, (around 11:30/mi). I bring this up, because although I know I can’t really compare last year to this year, I did have a sneaky suspicion that the snow would slow me down. I expect to gain some time…but 3:00/mi? That’s crazy.

My question for all you winter-runners is this: how do you run in the snow and still keep a decent pace? What strategies do you guys use? I’m going to be training for a half in the New Year and I really don’t want this to be a hindrance.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy