Lesson Learned…

Usually I like to do a weekly recap on Mondays, but I had a really interesting, (if you want to call it that), run today that I felt was a little more important to document than what I did this past week. I’m considering this a lesson learned, although I feel like it’s a rookie mistake…hear me out:

Today was supposed to be my long run for the week. I tend to do my long runs on Mondays, since it gives me enough time to take a rest day afterwards and then get back on track. Since getting my Garmin for my birthday, I’ve stopped running with my phone so I only bring keys, gels, (if needed), my iPod, and a hydration pack, (if needed). Today was no exception. Daniel happened to be working from home today and advised that I throw in some Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator in my hydration pack to which I obliged. I checked the weather one last time before heading out when I saw that it was scheduled to rain pretty heavy in the evening. Not a big deal though, since I was already suited up for my run and it wasn’t even 2:00. Off I go.

Lesson Learned 1

Smiling because I don’t know what’s in store for me yet!

My route was one that I’ve done before, the only difference was that I ran to the end of the trail and had to continue on the street. I planned an out-and-back, with the turn around point being at 6.6 miles. The turn around point was also at the bottom of the hill, so when it was time to turn around, I had to go back up and gassed it a little too hard, (problem number 1). Once the elevation began to even out, I went to drink some of my Vega only to discover that I finished it all. 1.5L down and I was only just over half way through, (problem number 2). This meant that my chews had to be put on the backburner since I didn’t have any liquids to take them with, (and Clif Bloks are MASSIVE – also problem number 3). Again, not the end of the world, I was just probably going to be fatigued more than usual.

As I approached a highway overpass, I got a really good look at the sky and realized how gray it was. I thought to stop since I was passing potential shelter, (a gas station), but kept going since it wasn’t even raining. Two blocks later, I saw a giant bolt of lightning about 200 yards away from me. Game over. My world started to crumble…especially when I realized I had no bus pass, no money, and no phone. The level of screwed I was was unreal. Desperate, I ran to a convenience store and asked to use their phone. I was so thankful when they said yes, and I quickly tried to remember Daniel’s phone number, (damn you speed dial). After telling Daniel my dilemma and where I was, he rushed over and picked me up. Literally as soon as I got off the phone with him, the sky opened up and it really poured. “You really should have some money on you or something.” Daniel said. Yeah. You’re telling me.

I’m so thankful that my boyfriend was home, or else I would’ve been crazy stranded. I never thought to run with money or a bus pass before despite hearing it all the time, but now that I was in this situation, I’m thinking about it a lot. Never doing that again, especially on a day where the weather’s bad.

Lesson Learned

Right where I crossed the 401 is where things got a little hairy.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

15 thoughts on “Lesson Learned…

  1. Oh man. I always carry an external charger in my flip belt because my phone doesn’t last very long. I’m also lost without my phone even though I have an Apple Watch. Glad to hear that your boyfriend picked you up. 🙂 Hope your next set of runs go smoother. 🙂

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  2. Oh jeez. Thankfully you were near shelter, glad you made it back home safely. I haven’t taken a run outside in a long time, but when I do, I have to bring my cellphone and many times my house key as well. I hate having to carry so much with me, so I never bring water with and just assume, that if I am thirsty it means to run faster to hurry and get home to get some water! haha


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  3. I’m with you in that I usually don’t carry a phone or anything but for longer runs, phone and some form of ID always come with me. I have a RoadID and they are great. I even wear mine while travelling. Just in case. I was caught driving in that same storm. It was insane! I’m glad you were able to get cover.

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  4. I’m happy it worked out and also you didn’t get stuck! I almost constantly wear a belt with my telephone, and generally my license and a few cash. I in no way want to use it, however just in case a few day I do…That’s what I notion first of all; as soon as I noticed the sky changed into darkish, I figured this would be a great opportunity to run within the rain given that I in no way do it, however I threw within the towel once I saw lightning.

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