Weight Watchers – What it is & Why I’m Doing it

In my Back from my Blogging Break blog, I spoke about taking charge of my health, which starts with getting my weight in check. I’ve always been heavier set, but I’ve always been active as well so I feel like my size didn’t affect me as much. When I was 14, I competitively swam for a year and lost about 20 pounds as a result. The weight seemed to stay off despite my eating habits not changing, however my activity level was still high.

Fast-forward a few years later to my first year of college. I was living on my own for the first time and was eating a lot of processed food. I maybe gained 15 pounds during these years and some of it actually came off via Weight Watchers. Ever since I hit 20, my weight has hovered between 200-210. Since the New Year’s rapidly approaching, (along with the Mississauga Half-Marathon that I signed up for), I just want to feel the best I possibly can, and fast.

I did some research and stumbled across a program called Kinobody which was the program I initially was going to embark on. They have a few different programs catering to anything from aggressive weight loss to muscle toning. After talking with my mom about Kinobody, she mentioned to me that she was going to start Weight Watchers again with my dad. We all did it as a family a few years ago leading up to their wedding, and had great results. Since my parents were doing Weight Watchers, I felt that it might be easier to jump on that bandwagon and have more support. So that’s the final verdict!


Day 1: 210 lbs. Excuse the messy hair: I took this after arm day at the gym.

For those of you who don’t know, Weight Watchers is a program that prescribes a point value to different foods. Based on a few different factors, you’re given a point allowance for the day. Point values are also placed on physical activity, so you can subtract the activity points you may earn in a day from your end-of-day total.

Have any of you tried any diets? If so, what were they? Did you have any success?


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

15 thoughts on “Weight Watchers – What it is & Why I’m Doing it

  1. I despise diets. That being said, I absolutely LOVE Weight Watchers. The notion of a diet is something short term to lose weight and then move on. It typically won’t last. Weight Watchers teaches you a simple way to learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that group programs are far more successful and Weight Watchers has stood the time. Doing it with others (family) and having their support also guarantees that you will have a far less stressful approach to it. Basically, you did your research and I think that is AWESOME!


  2. I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime member and lost 70lbs on the plan – I began with the PointsPlus and reached lifetime after the switch to SmartPoints. I think it’s great because I don’t really see it as a diet, I see it as a way to easily make healthier food choices (a higher points value = a less healthy choice). I have had good success with the plan and was able to tailor it to my own preferences and I eat much healthier as a result!

    One thing you may find, that I found at least, is that some foods that are low in SmartPoints are that way because they’re filled with artificial sweeteners. I try to limit processed food, so I have to be careful to look at the ingredients in some of those foods that have a low points value. So there are times that I do actually eat a food that is higher in points because despite it being higher in points, I feel it’s a healthier choice.

    But that’s exactly what I love about Weight Watchers – it’s still your own choice and everyone can use their own daily points however they’d like – there’s nothing off limits. That makes it a more sustainable approach for long term success.

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    • Yes, one thing I discovered (through trial and error) were foods that have lower point values and why. It was a long process to figure out which foods fill me up the most and can sustain me longer, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it! That’s awesome that you’re a lifetime member!


  3. I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I just started back even though I’m within 5 pounds of my goal because I just need some control and accountability. In addition, my sister has been on WW for almost a year now and has totally become fit and an exercise enthusiast because of it. We’ve been texting and supporting each other in exercise, and I would like to support her and join her in her food stuff too. My diet is already pretty healthy, but I eat too much sugar, period. I hope that the accountability will help me get off that bandwagon for good.

    Good luck in your journey.

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  4. I truly believe that Weight Watchers is one of the most well-balanced “diets” out there. Because of that balance, it seems to be easier for me to follow. I don’t do well when I’m the only person dieting though. I’ve been on and off of the plan several times over the years. I’m always successful when my husband and I diet TOGETHER. So, I think you chose the best diet for you, since your parents are also trying it. Good luck to you and your folks!

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