March is a Wrap!

How is winter done already? That rattles me for sure. That being said, I question if winter’s actually over; we got quite a bit of snow yesterday in Toronto! Ugh.

The month of March was decent for me. I had to skip a race, (read this to see why), and missed about a week of training following that. Missing training sucks, (as I’m sure you guys will agree), and the longer I can’t train, the worse I feel. Anyways, this is what I’ve been up to this month:

Total Miles: 46.7

Not as high as I would like. I didn’t have a goal for the year in terms of mileage, but crushing last year would be nice, (and is definitely doable). I think that I might try to up the mileage in April and see how it feels.

Week 7

Favourite Strength Training Exercise: I actually just started a new cycle which haven’t logged on here yet, but my favourite exercise is probably Incline Barbell Bench Press. I actually started doing this by fluke: my boyfriend and I were going to do just a normal barbell bench press, but there were no benches available except for the incline one.

Stuff to Look Forward to In April: Warmer Temperatures!

New Things I Tried This Month: Clif Shot Energy Gels (super tasty – review to come)

Week 7 1

Like I’ve said before, super delicious and pretty much tastes like jam.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy

5 thoughts on “March is a Wrap!

  1. I like those Cliff shots, too! I know it sounds gross but my favorite one is mocha. My last race a tried some Honey Stinger pink lemonade chews. They’re organic and work a little better with my stomach.

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